We purchased BridleWood in 2014 and are currently in the process of bringing the facility back into full production. We are here to offer a place where horses and people can be together in a relaxed and joyful way, and we believe all horses should have the chance to live like horses, no matter what their level of training or style of riding. We have owed, ridden and cared for horses for 30+ collective years, and approach every aspect of training and care, in a holistic and respectful way. 

Head Trainer, Sarah Stosiek, was born with a love for horses and subsequently dressage, and her passion has lead her to continually expand her knowledge. She has schooled consistently with respected trainers, such as Lendon Gray and David De Wispelaere, both here and abroad,  and is eager to share her knowledge of riding and horsemanship with other equine lovers.

She follows the principals of classical training, focusing on a harmonious relationship that honors the horse at all times.  

Sarah is working on raising public funds, so that horses are accessible to all, including underprivileged children who would otherwise never have the chance to learn to ride.